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SKY Schools Teacher Certification Program (TCP)

Announcement: Changes to SKY Schools Teacher Certification Program (TCP).

Description: TCP trains teachers to lead SKY Schools Classroom (K-12) and Adult Workshops (1 hr).
Timing: TCP targeted to begin late February/March 2023 (Dates to be announced).


SKY Schools Teacher Certification Program (TCP) is open to those interested in learning to implement the evidence-based SKY Schools Curriculum for transforming school climate. The Teacher Certification Program includes full curriculum training for Youth (K-12),  and Introductory Wellness Workshops for Educators & Parents.

SKY Schools provides tools for successful, stress-free living for students, teachers, parents and administrators.  SKY Schools teachers are engaged, empowered and inspired to practice techniques of healthy living for themselves, so that they can share these transformative practices with youth to positively affect school climate and student performance.  The course focuses on managing stress in healthy ways through breathing techniques and social-emotional learning processes which uplift human values such as responsibility, commitment, respect, etc. TCP participants will learn to deliver the course content of the SKY Schools K-12 Curriculum  [not including the SKY Breathing Technique]

The SKY Schools TCP training is a combination of online and in-person training. Our renowned SKY Schools Faculty will mentor and evaluate you throughout the course.

The curriculum includes adopting a daily personal SKY Breathing practice and participating in a community of practice. You will be mentored and work in a cohort, practicing course delivery. The SKY Schools Certification (In-person ) program will begin at 6 pm on June 23, 2023 (9 days) at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Long Island(NY).

The SKY Schools TCP certification is delivered from June 2023 to December 2023. Total time 108 hours.


  • $4,500 (One-Time payment)  Full payment due by May 26, 2023
  • $5,000 (Installment payment) Pay $725/month for 6 months and $650 for one month
  • Special Pricing:
    • SKY/YES for Schools Teachers – Repeater fee $1,750
    • AOL Teachers & SKY Kids/Teens Community Course Teachers – Repeater fee $1,750
    • International Participants (Pricing to be determined)

Scholarships Limited scholarships are available on a first-come, first serve basis.

School Sponsorship For schools that sponsor a staff member. SKY Schools courses conducted onsite are included at a discounted rate.

Angelica Jordan, Graduate of SKY Schools Teacher Certification Program 2021

The dynamic intensive training is led by our team of experienced SKY Trainers with decades of teaching and practicing experience. Each one brings a wealth of experience from various backgrounds of education, counseling, non-profit, yoga for stress management, youth empowerment, diverse community engagement and more. However, collectively they share a passion for the upliftment and empowerment for young people to be the best version of themselves.

Lead Trainers: 

Deirdre Jackson
Deirdre Jackson
Bill Herman
Bill Herman
Hitesh "Harry" Monga
Hitesh "Harry" Monga
Narciso Cruz
Narciso Cruz


Priya Mayureshwar
Rondi Sewelson
Preeti Karthik
MJ Reiss

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  • TCP Dates: Jun 23 to Jul 1, 2023 (participants arrive on 6pm Jun 23 till 6pm on July 1 & leave on Jul 2, 2023)
  • Info Sessions: March 30 – April 27th
  • Application & Recommendation Submission Deadline: 5/1/2023
  • Courses required prior to application:
    • Sky Breathwork & Wellness
    • SKY Silent Retreat
    • SKY Effortless Meditation
    • SKY Wellness Coaching
  • Application Acceptance: 5/15/2023
  • Deadline for Scholarship Request: 5/1/2023
  • Full Payment Deadline:  5/26/2023
  • Orientation: 6/3/2023
  • Course Start: 6 PM, 6/23/2023
  • Spring LOU&MOU Due: 5/26/2023
  • Co-Teach: Till 12/31/2023

Summary of what will be included:

  • SKY Schools Youth Program Curriculum (K-12)
  • SEL Curriculum and Neural-Restorative Practices (Breathwork, mindfulness, and stress relief tools)

Online Curriculum Training Commitment: 10.5 hrs/month of formal participation from March – June 2023

SKY Schools Teacher Certification:  In-person Retreat Boone, NC 
Arrival date: 7/10/23  
Departure date: 7/18/23



























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