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Description: The SKY Schools partnership with Pomona Unified School District (PUSD) started 12 years ago. The SKY Schools SEL & Breathwork & Wellness Courses In PUSD we not only offer these courses to children but also to the parents as well as the staff getting a full coverage for all aspects of the child’s life. In Pomona City SKY Schools extends beyond the school district and encompasses Compassionate Pomona Community, the Mayor & some members of City Council, Police force and Mental Health Services.

Pomona Unified School District Video Testimonial:
Rocio Fulbright 3rd Grade Teacher Link

Danielle Raashan, High School Teacher Link 

Roberta Perlman, PUSD Board Member & Dr. Pramila Agarwal, SKY Schools Teacher Link

Partnership with the City
Compassionate Pomona

Pomona Unified School District and Compassionate Pomona are partnering to bring SKY Breath Meditation to Pomona residents, through the IAHV SKY Schools ( and Cities4Peace ( programs.

Convenor :
Jan Chase, Unity Minister Link




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