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SKY Schools Mexico


Pamela Zanatta
+52 55 18819980

A Plan to Reach 4.8 Million Students

The State of Mexico is training full-time SKY Schools teachers in their state schools starting in December 2019.

SKY Schools Brazil


Clara Muricy
+55 71 991728950
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Raoni Leal
+55 21 988913734
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Training Leaders of 1,200 Schools

The State of Bahia is teaching the top leaders of all its 1,200 high schools to begin rolling out SKY for all its 1 million students & teachers.

SKY Schools Argentina


Nati Viazzi
0054 911 5 3749000
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#Voices4education rocks Instagram with 6,000 Educators

6000 teachers join #Voices4education weekly Instagram broadcast since April 2020. 1200 teachers from 5 Latin American countries completed YES! for Educators Program.

SKY Schools Ecuador


Katalina Arteaga
+19 5447 81500
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A Country-Wide Plan for All Public Schools

The Ministry of Education of Ecuador has opened the door for SKY Schools to train teachers to deliver a Human Development curriculum in all the country’s schools.

SKY Schools UK


Peter Higginson
+44 7890 353855
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Globally Trusted Over the Years

The YES! for Schools approach has had great success in schools internationally over the last 10 years with a reach of over a 300,000 young people.

#BreatheWithMe: Healing Conversations & Self-Care for Blacks & Allies

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