SKY Schools Graduate Program

Onsite & Online


Silent Retreat
- Online

Description:  An immersive retreat experience including 4 days of guided silence, meditation, mindful action, yoga and SKY breathing practices. On this all-day retreat, students release deep stress and fatigue, develop a deeper understanding of their own patterns of thought and behavior, and dive into self-exploration and purpose.

Course Prerequisite: SKY Schools Breathwork & Wellness Course or other program featuring SKY Breath Meditation

Format: 3 full days (typically Thursday late afternoon through Sunday late afternoon)   

Cost:  $350 (regular), $250 (student)

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Effortless Meditation - Online

Description: The time-tested practice allows the conscious mind to naturally and effortlessly settle deeply into its underlying infinite nature, giving deep experiences of inner peace. This technique is a perfect complement to SKY Breathing Meditation, giving one an effortless meditation technique that can be used up to twice a day to access increased stress relief and greater self-awareness, clarity, energy and creativity.

Course Prerequisite: None
Format: 3 consecutive days, 2 hours per day
Pricing: $195/person, $75 for repeaters

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Breathwork & Wellness Part 2 - Online

Description: Our life depends on our quality of awareness. SKY Breathwork & Wellness Part 2 brings our attention to how we interact with the people we work with, live with, and teach. Through self-reflection and interactive processes we learn to build bridges of deeper connection to ourselves and others – both children and adults. Specific skills needed to improve our most important relationships are explored in depth.

Course Prerequisites: SKY Breathwork & Wellness Course Part 1-Online. SKY Breathing practice models healthy behavior for the next generation.
Format: 3 consecutive days, 2.5 hrs/day

: $75/person

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