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#FITDC3, a Washington DC Program,
has Partnered with IAHV/SKY Schools to Bring
Stress Management & SEL to DC Residents

Mayor Muriel Browser launched the #FITDC3 campaign to empower residents to take control of their health and promote wellness and true fitness for every body, mind and community in the District.

Powered by Aetna, #FITDC3 offers IAHV/SKY Schools Programs to all DC residents:

  • SKY Breath Meditation Course (3 days/6.5 hr)
  • #Breathewithme for the Black Community (3 days/6.5 hr)
  • Healing Conversations for the Black Community & Allies
  • #FITDC3 Forums: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Mental Health, Health for the Black Community
  • Weekly Breathwork & Meditation Workshop (1 hr)

 *SKY Schools is recognized in the CASEL’s Guide to Effective Social and Emotional Learning as an SEL-related program. The designation is given to innovative programs on educational practice that are aligned with social and emotional learning and can contribute to systemic SEL implementation at the school or district level.

SKY Breath Meditation Course

Description:  SKY Breath Meditation is a unique breath-based technique that uses cyclical, rhythmic patterns of breath to bring the mind and body effortlessly into meditation.  It has been empirically validated and holds distinct advantages over other forms of meditation.

uman values and social skills.


Middle Schools

Description: The SKY Schools programs help students discover greater self-confidence, resilience and a set of tools that will carry them through all of life’s challenges. Through breathing techniques, games, team activities and interactive processes. Students learn skills to access a stress-free mind,  boost focus & concentration for test-taking, explore values like respect & responsibility and enhance leadership skills through team activities.

Alum Rock School District Video Testimonials: Joseph George Middle School, San Jose, CA
Principal & Vice Principal Link
Students Link Educator Link

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High Schools

Description:  SKY Schools Course taught to the entire Freshman 9th Grade class in Physical Education. The experience includes life skills, yoga and SKY breathing practices. Students release deep stress and fatigue, develop a deeper understanding of their own patterns of thought and behavior, and learn tools to improve energy, focus and concentration and sleep.

Palo Alto Unified School District Video Testimonials:
Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA
Students & Teachers Link

Henry M. Gunn High School, Palo Alto, CA PBS NOVA – Can Meditation Prevent Suicide? See SKY Schools in Action! Link
Principal (2016) Link
Students (formerly called YES! for Schools) 2015/16 Link 2016/17  Link 2018/19 Link 2019/2020 Link   

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