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SKY Schools* offers equitable, evidence-based SEL programs for students (K-12), educators, and parents. Our values-based curriculum uplifts qualities such as responsibility, commitment, empathy, collaboration, and resilience.

Curriculum includes:

  • Targeted SKY breathing techniques to help reduce stress, manage emotions, and process trauma
  • Restorative practices that empower students, educators, and parents
  • Effective conflict resolution skills that improve relationships inside and outside of school.
  • Fun, collaborative games and processes that increase self-awareness, build leadership skills, and incorporate vigorous physical activity

Since 2009 SKY Schools has reached over 110,000 USA students/300,000 students worldwide.  SKY Schools Research & Impact Report

*SKY Schools (formerly YES for Schools)

SKY Schools for Youth K-12

Evidence-based SEL for kids and teens

Our curriculum of restorative practices and social emotional learning includes:  

Practical life skills to manage stress & emotions.

Evidence-based physiological practices

Improved focus & increased resiliency

Fun games to build self-awareness & leadership skills

SKY Breathing Technique to promote self-regulation

Social connectedness & uplifted human values

Programming Hours:  6.5 hours online/15-30 hours onsite

SKY Schools is recognized in the 
CASEL’s Guide to Effective Social and Emotional Learning (link) as an SEL-related program. The designation is given to innovative programs on educational practice that are aligned with social and emotional learning and can contribute to systemic SEL implementation at the school or district level.

SKY Breathwork & Wellness for Educators

A professional development and self-care program for educators, administrators and staff designed to increase resilience and manage stress and emotions. The curriculum includes modules on personal wellness, conflict resolution and team building, as well as an introduction to the SKY Schools youth (K-12) curriculum.

Program Hours: 3 sessions (All sessions are 2.5 hours)

Become a SKY Breathwork & SEL Coach

The SKY Breathwork & SEL Coach Series empowers educators to implement simple breathwork with their own students.  This is an opportunity for teachers to integrate breathing practices into their own curriculum.

Program Hours: 4 sessions (90 minute sessions, 1/week over 4 weeks)

Prerequisite: SKY Breathwork & Wellness 

We have customized short format workshops for schools to meet the specific needs of your Administrators, Educators, Counselors, School Psychologist, Social Worker, and Wellness Coordinator. 

SKY Breathwork & Wellness for Parents

in English and Spanish

Self-Mastery is key to parenting.  Parents learn practical self-care tools to manage stress and emotions, improve focus and energy levels, and support well-being.

Programming Hours: 3 sessions (All sessions are 2.5 hours)

We have customized short format workshops for schools to meet the specific needs of your Parent Community.  

Short Format Workshops for
Educators, Youth & Parents


Youth (K-12)


Evidence-based practices that can lower stress from the very 1st session!

From reducing stress to getting better rest, these techniques have a demonstrated measurable impact on quality of life.

Over 70 independent studies conducted on four continents and published in peer review journals, have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits from practicing Sudarshan Kriya™ and related breathing exercises taught on the SKY Breathwork & Wellness Course

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