Support stress-free, violence-free schools

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Help SKY Schools grow our impact from 100,000 to 1 Million students​

Ways to Give:

1. Be a Monthly Donor

By making your donation monthly, you can support SKY Schools in a way that allows us to budget for upcoming programs, expand services and provide the tools to students, educators and administrators that build peaceful, focused learning environments.

A. Your monthly donation of…

    • $250 – provides in-school breathing support to 10 students for an entire year.
    • $108 – makes it possible to deliver the proprietary SKY Schools Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to one student.
    • $54 – gives one-on-one breathing support to a student or teacher experiencing frustration, panic or impulsivity.
    • $25 – allows our team to continue to provide online outreach to more schools in more cities.

B. Do you work for a “Matching Gifts” company? 

Did you know that many companies match charitable donations from their employees up to twice or even 3X?  An estimated $4-7 billion in matching gifts benefits go unclaimed every year!

Your donation can increase its impact exponentially with no out of pocket cost to you!


2. Honor or memorialize a loved one or special person

Is there someone in your life whom you would like to celebrate? Would you like to memorialize a loved one by supporting SKY Schools? Memorial gifts can commemorate the life’s work of a special person during their lifetime or after they have passed. It’s a beautiful way to honor how much you cherish them and their commitment to the well-being of young people. We will notify the person and/or their family of your gift to SKY Schools in their name.

3. Gifts of Stock, mutual funds, insurance and IRA rollovers

Your gift of stock or other non-cash assets will strengthen SKY Schools efforts to make education stress-free and violence-free. Gifts of appreciated assets held for at least one year provide a double tax benefit. Not only may you be able to take a charitable income tax deduction for the market value of the appreciated shares you’re transferring to us, as provided by law and your specific situation, you also avoid any capital gains taxes that would have been due had you sold the security. In short, you can make a gift that costs you less.  Click here for transfer information.

4. Planned Gifts

Leave a legacy that can put an end to school violence and create a culture of peace in schools across the USA.

Consider remembering IAHV in your will or estate plan.

Here’s a sample General Bequest Language to share with financial planners and estate attorneys:

Dear Financial Planner or Trust and Estate Attorney:

The IAHV Generosity Department is happy to work with you in crafting bequest wording for wills and trusts that meets your clients’ philanthropic intentions. Most donors simply use our standard Bequest Language as follows,

“I give to the International Association for Human Values (IAHV), a nonprofit corporation with its principal office currently located in Washington, DC, Federal Tax ID 52-2178069, or its successor, ______________* [_______ percentage, remainder or specific amount after all other expenses are settled] for its SKY Schools program or current program serving youth, without further restrictions on use and charitable purposes.”

For questions about these and other kinds of charitable gifts, please contact Loaya Quesada, Operations and Finance Manager at

"We supported SKY Schools because of the incredible people delivering the services. SKY Schools is a solution; a prerequisite foundational initiative that creates an environment for kids to relax and find themselves so they can own and be on their pathway."

Support Stress-Free, Violence-Free Schools

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