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“Empower Your Summer”

Online Relaxation Series

Being stuck at home in tight quarters even with loved-ones is stressful!  To help educators, parents, and students, SKY Schools is offering free online guided meditations in English and Spanish.

In these 30-min sessions, you’ll discover tools to release fear, frustration, and overwhelmJoin us on your own or with your family. You don’t have to go at this alone.


Harvard Medical School recommends controlled breathing & meditation to deal with coronavirus anxiety

How can you relax despite coronavirus worries? Here are some tried and true ways to relax: Yoga, Meditation, and Controlled breathing

After a few minutes of [controlled breathing] you should be feeling calmer and more centered.

Read "Coping with coronavirus anxiety" on Harvard

What Educators Say About SKY Schools

I think that this is a great opportunity for our students and ourselves as educators to learn to manage our stress.

I truly think that this is a program worth implementing. Teachers are regularly looking for ways to help students with those factors outside of school that impact their lives, and I think SKY may be an answer.

Our students will utilize these tools to help them be successful. The key is adults need to actively participate to make students feel safe in doing so as well.

The content is valuable and powerful, instruction is very well delivered.

Parents & Teachers Give SKY Stellar Reviews in Post-Workshop Surveys


felt an increase of energy, focus, and ability to remain calm


felt that it was a good investment of their time


of teachers/staff believe it would benefit parents and guardians

Upgrade your and your family's wellness with this free online relaxation series

SKY School’s “Empower Your Summer” Online Relaxation Series is a great way to learn more about meditation. 

We’ve taught 110,000 students, parents and educators to de-stress over the last 10 years, and our certified teachers are here to help.

As a service in these trying times, you can join our online sessions every day for free. Pretty cool, huh?

If you agree, then sign up and come practice with us…

Join the “Empower Your Summer” Online Relaxation Series

Join us alone or with your family, or start a Facebook “Watch Party” and invite your friends. Spread the peace, calm and joy!

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