Love working with youth,

but feel overwhelmed

and burnt out?

Join our 1.5-hr experiential mindfulness training. Find out SKY can help you rediscover your zeal for teaching and cope with the stresses of teaching. Become a calmer, stronger you.

Thanks to a temporary grant through Zilber Family Foundation


Discover Mindfulness Tools to Manage Your Stress And Create a Culture of Peace Around You

Get equipped with practical techniques and life skills to use inside the classroom and at home to quickly, effectively manage your own stress and negative emotions.

You’ll naturally start to buffer the stress of the children you serve, helping them become more resilient and successful.

Reviews from our Intro to Mindfulness Seminars

I think that this is a great opportunity for our students and ourselves as educators to learn to manage our stress.

I truly think that this is a program worth implementing. Teachers are regularly looking for ways to help students with those factors outside of school that impact their lives, and I think SKY may be an answer.

Our students will utilize these tools to help them be successful. The key is adults need to actively participate to make students feel safe in doing so as well.

The content is valuable and powerful, instruction is very well delivered.

As a gift in challenging times, get a full scholarship to this impactful and inspiring sessions ($47 value)

SKY’s Intro to Mindfulness for Educators is a great way to learn more about meditation. And hear firsthand, about the innovative strategies some schools are implementing to take care of their staff and students.

“I think the information would greatly benefit our youth. It should be taught in every school” 

– SKY educator course participant

Regularly, these workshops cost $47 per person. But, thanks to a grant*, you can join for $0 simply by filling out the registration form below. Pretty cool, huh?

If you agree, then sign up and come practice with us.

Get Your Scholarship Ticket While They Last*

Introduction to Mindfulness for Educators ($47 Value)

By SKY Schools Milwaukee

*P.S. SKY Schools has a temporary grant through Zilber Family Foundation to provide these sessions free of charge to the community. So don’t want too long. Sign up now while we can still share this gift with you.

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