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We equip parents with evidence-based tools and healthy strategies to manage their own stress and emotions, thus improving their relationships with their partners and children.

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Why Focus on Parental Stress?

Teachers are the #1 most important in-school factor affecting students’ success. Yet teachers are stressed, burning out, and turning over at alarming rates. Stress causes low performance, depression and reduced efficacy and a myriad of other health problems.


of Teachers Report
High Daily Stress


of Teacher Health Problems
are Attributed to Stress


Annual Cost of
Teacher Turnover

As parents & educators, we shape children most positively by starting with ourselves.

“Children learn more from what you are, than what you teach.”  W.E.B. Dubois

In this three-day course, awareness is brought to the choices we make for integrating healthy practices into daily life.  Self-care is seen not as selfish, but as care for others, because our own habits transfer to the next generation.  

"I thought it would be relaxing and calming, but it's WAY MORE than that..."

Here’s how SKY Meditation is changing one mother’s life (and her son’s!)

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Evidence-based practices that can lower stress from the very 1st session!

From reducing stress to getting better rest, these techniques have a demonstrated measurable impact on quality of life.

Over 100 independent studies conducted on four continents and published in peer review journals, have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits from practicing the breathing exercises taught on the SKY Breathwork & Wellness Course for Parents & Educators

How SKY Breathwork & Wellness Is Helping Parents

Survey results from SKY Breathwork & Wellness Course for Parents


felt an

increase of energy, focus, and ability to remain calm


felt it was

a good investment of their time


intended to

practice SKY techniques at home

What Parents & Educators Are Saying About the Program

... we can find the eye of the storm

We have such an amazing opportunity to affect our community. Teaching ourselves to get in that place where we can find the eye of the storm - that is so powerful for our children, that’s how we are going to impact our community in the future. It’s not just this generation, it’s generation after generation.

I feel very unstuck now

I came into this being stuck in a part of my life and I feel very unstuck now. The course was very personal for me and I am very grateful for it.

I feel more free to be fully me

I have intermittent Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and it usually comes and goes from zero to hundred. It’s been my almost lifetime companion and so, I have managed it more and more over the years. But, there are points where it happens so fast, and so unexpectedly that I am caught without access to myself, if that makes sense and so the cognitive part of me is not competent in those times. This work has helped my cognitive sense, learn how to coach my body because if I can get started quickly, I can break it and bring myself down and you would not even notice it most of the time, I am excited about this because I feel more free to be fully me with this constant companion that is full of surprises.

strategies to control or not allow myself to get to a place that I am anxious

I appreciate having those strategies to control or not allow myself to get to a place that I am anxious or in my emotions.

my whole way of feeling about being alive has really shifted

I live all by myself and I go days and days without seeing another human during Covid-19 shelter-in-place and you can get a little stuck in your feelings when you are in this situation. I am just loving that in these three days how my whole way of feeling about being alive has really shifted. I am double at risk, because I also have bad asthma. This has been good for my asthma too. I really appreciate it, so grateful.

empowered through the breathing to better maintain a personal sense of self care and self-control

I appreciate how you made it clear to us the psychological aspect of how our emotions can get stuck and that there is a physiological piece to it. We have been empowered through the breathing to better maintain a personal sense of self care and self-control without a third party or having to go outside of ourselves.

SKY Breathwork & Wellness Course Components

Get a powerful toolkit to shift your physiology & mindset and develop a new outlook on managing stress.

The SKY Breathwork & Wellness Course for Parents & Educators includes:


enables parents to support their child in making healthy choices when faced with everyday challenges

Practical Life

how to handle difficult situations, resolve conflict and encourage enthusiasm and responsibility in young people

Revitalizing breathing techniques

eliminates counter productive activity and enhance leadership ability

Physical stretches
and exercises

Easily-learned, tension-releasing movements

Become the Parent Your Kids Will Admire More Than Ever

Parents report many benefits including:

Energy and Patience

Promotes a
Positive Attitude


Resilience to Stress

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