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We equip teachers, administrators, and youth advocates with evidence-based tools to manage their own stress and emotions. These educators create a school climate where everybody can thrive.

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Why Focus on Teacher Stress?

Teachers are the #1 most important in-school factor affecting students’ success. Yet teachers are stressed, burning out, and turning over at alarming rates. Stress causes low performance, depression and reduced efficacy and a myriad of other health problems.


of Teachers Report
High Daily Stress


of Teacher Health Problems
are Attributed to Stress


Annual Cost of
Teacher Turnover

Creating a Culture of Peace

By equipping teachers to manage their own stress and emotions, we transform the daily educational experiences of their students.

Teacher Burnout Isn’t Inevitable

What Teachers Say About the Program

Survey results from SKY Breathwork & Wellness for Educator’s Course at HW Longfellow Elementary, Milwaukee


felt strongly the course had

Useful tools for personal growth


felt their

Renewed motivation and engagement working with youth


felt they

Can manage their stress more positively

100% of Teachers Surveyed Agreed ...

Survey results from SKY Breathwork & Wellness Course for Educator’s at East Side High, NJ 

SKY techniques increase my energy levels

SKY techniques enhance my clarity of mind and focus

SKY Techniques help me feel connected to my creativity and personal freedom.

This program has been a valuable addition to our training curriculum.

This course was a good investment of my time.

The experiential nature of this program makes it more impactful as compared with other courses.

SKY techniques improve my ability to remain calm in difficult situations.

SKY techniques increase connectedness with my colleagues.

The course offers innovative and useful tools for my personal growth.

I would recommend this course to my peers as they would benefit from it.

I enjoyed participating in various processes and discussions in the course and found them valuable.

Course Components

The SKY Breathwork & Wellness for Educator’s Course is customized to suit the specific needs of teachers and youth workers, including:


Builds trust and fosters team spirit

Practical Life

Eliminates counter productive activity and enhances leadership ability

Revitalizing Breathing Techniques

Evidence-based breathing techniques that quickly reduces stress and makes meditation effortless

Physical Stretches
and Exercises

Movements for greater health and vitality

Upgrade Your School Culture with the SKY Breathwork & Wellness Course for Your Staff

Participants report many benefits that support a healthy learning environment, including:

Team Morale

Promotes a
Positive Attitude

Work-life Balance

Fosters Greater
Ethics and Integrity

As educators & parents, we shape children most positively by starting with ourselves.

“Children learn more from what you are, than what you teach.”  W.E.B. Dubois

In this three-day session, awareness is brought to the choices we make for integrating healthy practice into daily life.  Self-care is seen not as selfish but as an integral understanding that our own habits transfer to the next generation.  

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