From Crisis to Transformation:

Conversations for Educators

SKY Schools Educator Speaker Series
From Crisis to Transformation: Conversations for Educators

Experts discuss education, race and social justice, and mental health.  Guided meditation and breathing techniques close each session. 



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Crisis to Transformation Past Talks


Interview of Baron & Beverly Walker who appear in “MILWAUKEE 53206″ which chronicles the lives of those affected by mass incarceration in America’s most incarcerated ZIP code where 62% of black men have been in prison.

Baron & Beverly Walker are featured in the film, Milwaukee SKY School Teachers 

OCT 29

What would happen if every schools had a certified Yoga and Mindfulness teacher? The story of YMTP2.  

Steven Strull, Director of Student Services at NYCDOE, and Co-Director of YMTP²

OCT 22

Explore how SEL competencies can assist students & adults to navigate the pandemics of America

Dr. William L. Blake, Director of SEL for District of Columbia Public Schools

OCT 15

Coping with Stress Through Stories of Reception

Dr. Angela K. Salmon
Dr. Kiriaki Melliou


Self-Care for Passionate Educators:
The Secret You DIDN’T Know

Khurshed Bataliwala (Bawa)


Being an Anti-Racist Educator:
Truth and Healing in the Classroom

Hemanth Venkataraman, Founder, School Culture Solutions

SEP 24

Cultivating the Soil of Learning:
A Tribute to My Hero, 
The Late Sir Ken Robinson

Dr. Mario Santos,
High School

SEP 17

Joyous Spaces:
Honoring Diversity, Equity & Excellence

Johane Ligonde, Principal

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